Digital Technology (Computers)

This program is tailored to meet the personal and employment goals of individual learners. The number of topics covered/mastered in the 4-week period is based on the skill level and motivation of the individual at the outset of the program. Topics include:

Program Descriptions

Microsoft Word I - Introduction 
Microsoft Word II - Intermediate
Microsoft Word III - Advanced

Microsoft Excel I -
Microsoft Excel II - Intermediate

Microsoft Office
- Introduction

Kurzweil Training
- This is a text-to-speech learning tool that makes curricula accessible to all students

Voice Activated Software Training (2 weeks)
- This program teaches you to use your voice to control software applications that you use every day, e.g. productivity software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Desktop Computers 101 -
Learn the basic parts and functions of a desktop computer and operating system

Keyboarding 101
- Learn to keyboard using Mavis Beacon

iPad 101
- iPad basics and introduction to cash register and other apps

Digital Literacy: The Internet
 - Learn about Internet searches and Internet safety

Email 101
- Learn how to set up and use a gmail email account, and send attachments

Social Media 101
- Introduction to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Please Note:
 The recommended hours of instruction can be time-lined at the discretion of the funding agency; options include 15, 20, or 30 hours per week. Clients benefit from the tailored programs and low student-teacher ratio that Pathways offers. Our standard student-teacher ratio is 3:1. Unless otherwise stated, quotes are based on an average rate of progression and include the cost of tuition, books, materials, fees, taxes, etc.