Registration for Secondary School Credit Courses

Who can apply for our courses?

High School students, mature students and eligible new Canadians can earn secondary school credits through Pathways. If you have been out of school for a while and have now decided to go back to school, Pathways is one of the best places for you to continue your studies. 

We begin by conducting a diagnostic assessment after which, we are able to cater to the student’s specific educational needs. The courses offered by Pathways Educational Services have been developed according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education. Registration forms are available from the administrative office at the school.

Standardized Assessments at Pathways

At Pathways, standardized assessments are administered prior to student enrolment into any program. These assessments are used to establish a baseline for learning, to guide in the development of an individualized learning plan, and to determine appropriate placement of a student with an instructor.

Admissions Procedure


The following documentation is required to register students for secondary school credit courses:

  1. School registration form
  2. Proof of Age e.g. birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport.
  3. Copy of Health Card
  4. Proof of Address e.g. a copy of residence property tax bill or a utility bill containing parent/guardian name and address of residence or a copy of offer to purchase a residence or a copy of a residential lease/rental agreement.
  5. Ontario Student Transcript from current/former school, most recent report card, or Credit Counselling Summary.
  6. Students applying for admission must submit an application fee of $100.
  7. Academic Assessment: Grade 9 students are expected to participate in academic assessment process. This process will help the students to identify their abilities in mathematics, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and reading.
  8. Grade 10,11&12 students are admitted based on the previous academic records.