ILC High School Credits
Prerequisite: Various
Schedule: A.M./P.M. Depending on Capacity
Intake: Continuous
Homework: 3+ Hours Per Day (depending on number of class hours)
Timeline: Minimum 8 weeks per course

Course Content:

This program is designed for students who are close to completion of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma or who require specific prerequisites for a post secondary program. Administered through the Independent Learning Centre, credits are granted by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Third party requirements will be bridged by Pathways through the provision of the following amenities:
  • facilitate ILC transcript evaluation/eligibility process
  • daily instructin/direction by certified teachers
  • ongoing evaluation/testing
  • course materials
  • monthly progress reporting

Please Note: The recommended hours of instruction can be time-lined at the discretion of the funding agency; options include 15, 20, or 30 hours per week. Clients benefit from the tailored programs and low student-teacher ratio that Pathways offers. Our standard student-teacher ratio is 3:1. Unless otherwise stated, quotes are based on an average rate of progression and include the cost of tuition, books, materials, fees, taxes, etc.