How Pathways Can Help

Personalized Learning:


Guelph - Pathways Guelph is pleased to announce that we are now offering onsite tutoring for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students!

Contact us today for your free consultation!

- At Pathways Kitchener, all of our tutoring is done one-to-one by education professionals in the comfort of your home
(or at your neighbourhood library, if you prefer).

We hire certified teachers who:

  • have degrees in education and are accredited through the Ontario College of Teachers
  • have teacher training and classroom experience
  • are knowledgeable in their respective subject areas
  • understand the importance of building and sustaining positive relationships with students and parents
  • know the grade-level requirements and curriculum taught in Ontario schools 

Our tutors are passionate about teaching. They are patient, caring, and professional. A Pathways' tutor:
  • helps students to improve and advance their grades by developing a personalized learning plan
  • guides and supports students towards independent learning
  • introduces time managment, study skills, and other strategies for learning so that students can go to class equipped with the tools they need to succeed
  • helps to instil confidence and a belief that education is the key to a successful future

Our teaching professionals work in collaboration with parents and students to develop customized learning programs designed specifically to meet the needs of each learner. 

We provide tutoring in all subject areas:

  • English
  • French
  • Mathematics
  • ESL
  • Science
  • History


Just one hour a week can lead to better grades. Contact us now to book a freeno obligation consultation and learn more about our tutors and our services.

To select a start date and pay for tutoring services, please click on the link to your preferred tutoring location.  

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