General Office Vocabulary Building Workbook

Improve your vocabulary skills for the office and daily life with an easy-to-follow reproducible workbook that teaches you the facts you need to know to complete office tasks.

As a specialist in adult learning, Jennifer Wilkins has created lessons, exercises and strategies to help you further your career as an office professional.

The workbook includes twelve modules and three review sections. The exercises introduce 365 words that are related to general office work. Each module begins with a list of words and their definitions to help complete the exercises that follow, and there are 142 exercises to complete.

Whether you’re seeking help with a secondary school business course, an English as a Second Language program or other training geared towards essential skills development, this workbook can help you. Get the tools you need to develop vocabulary and vocational skills, improve reading and oral communication skills, enhance problem solving skills, and boost spelling and phonics skills.

Success is right around the corner, and getting there can be quick when you use Essential Skills: General Office Vocabulary Building Workbook

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