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About Pathways:

Pathways Educational Services is a full-service training facility that specializes in adult and K-12 education. Dedicated instructors deliver Academic Upgrading, Essential Skills training, ESL, GED and College Preparation for adults and individualized tutoring programs for elementary and high school students. As a certified Red Cross Training Partner, Pathways facilitates WSIB-Approved First Aid & CPR/AED certifications, through Regular courses or Blended courses that incorporate online learning. Founded in 2000, Pathways has fast become a trusted provider of services for government, non-profit organizations and education providers across Canada.



Pathways Educational Services will be a leading provider of quality learning programs and resources in Canada.



The mission of Pathways Educational Services is to provide best-in-class educational programs, opportunities and experiences that promote student achievement and life-long learning.  The mission is anchored by our core values - which promote academic excellence, foster leadership and prepare individuals to contribute to an ever-changing landscape.



The values at Pathways are reflected in the high-calibre training we provide that supports the principles of life long learning.

Quality Education: Pathways employs a dynamic team of experienced instructors who believe that knowledge acquisition should be interesting, challenging, flexible and practical. Our learning environment is warm and welcoming, characterized by small class sizes and individual instruction.

Growth and Development: We aim to support individuals with programs that foster leadership, creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Diversity: The programs we offer are as diverse as the students we welcome at Pathways.  We value the diversity of all people and will make our programs accessible to all learners.