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Pathways Educational Services is a full-service training facility that specializes in adult and K-12 education. 

Dedicated instructors deliver academic upgrading, English as a second language, GED, college preparation, and computer training for adults and individual tutoring programs for students in elementary and secondary school.

As a certified Red Cross Training Partner, Pathways facilitates WSIB-approved First Aid & CPR/AED certifications through blended courses (in person + online).

Founded in 2000, Pathways has fast become a trusted provider of services for government, non-profits and education providers across Canada.

Our Vision:

Pathways will be a leading provider of quality learning programs and educational resources in Canada.

Our Mission: 

The mission of Pathways Educational Services is to provide best in class educational programs, opportunities and experiences that promote student achievement and life-long learning. The mission is anchored by our core values which promote academic excellence, foster leadership and prepare individuals to contribute to an everchanging landscape.


Jennifer Wilkins: Program Director
Angela Setler: Program Coordinator
Amanda Edwin
Amanda Edwin: Instructor Coordinator
Yvette DeBeer: Principal Guelph
Yamini Gitai: Instructor
Christa Van Veen
Christa Van Veen: Instructor
Lindsey Smith
Lindsey Smith: Instructor
Lisa Stowe: Instructor
Samantha Schultz: Office Coordinator
Ty Wilkins: Instructor
Joel Yaeger
Joel Yaeger: Instructor
Jon Wigle
Jon Wigle: CELPIP Supervisor
Tony Williams: Instructor
Sandy McIvor: Tutoring Coordinator