Beyond Words: Navigating the Depths of ENG4U English

Beyond Words: Navigating the Depths of ENG4U English

ENG4U, also known as Grade 12 English, is a course that delves into the intricacies of the English language and literature. As one of the final courses in the high school English curriculum, ENG4U builds upon the foundations of previous years and invites students to explore complex works of literature, hone their critical thinking skills, and develop their written and oral communication abilities. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of ENG4U, its course outline, key learning points, and assessment methods.


Course Overview of ENG4U


ENG4U places a strong emphasis on consolidating essential skills such as literacy, communication, critical thinking, and creative thinking. Students will engage with a wide range of challenging literary texts from various periods, countries, and cultures. They will also develop the ability to interpret and evaluate informational and graphic texts, as well as create oral, written, and media texts in diverse forms. A key aspect of the course is the development of academic language proficiency, confident utilization of reading strategies tailored to specific texts and purposes, and enhanced control over writing.


ENG4U online is designed to prepare students for their future endeavors in university, college, or the workplace. Whether students opt for the online or on-campus version of the course, ENG4U aligns with the Ontario curriculum and equips students with the necessary skills for success in academic and daily life, providing a strong foundation for their educational journey beyond high school.


Course Outline of ENG4U


The course outline of ENG4U is carefully crafted to cover a wide range of literary periods and genres, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive understanding of the English language and its evolution. Here is a brief overview of the topics covered in ENG4U:


Unit 1: Critical Thinking

Unit 2: MLA Citations and Essay Writing

Unit 3: Literacy Theories

Unit 4: Animal Farm

Unit 5: Hamlet

Unit 6: Medicine Walk

Unit 7: Independent Study Unit


Key Learning Points in ENG4U


ENG4U offers numerous opportunities for students to develop crucial skills that will benefit them in their academic and professional pursuits. Some key learning points include:


  1. Critical Thinking: Through the analysis of literature and media, ENG4U fosters critical thinking skills, enabling students to evaluate and interpret complex ideas.
  2. Effective Communication: ENG4U hones both written and oral communication abilities, providing students with the tools to express themselves coherently and persuasively.
  3. Literary Analysis: The study of various literary works helps students develop the ability to delve into themes, symbols, and motifs, enhancing their comprehension and interpretation skills.
  4. Research Skills: ENG4U equips students with research skills, including effective use of resources and proper citation methods, preparing them for future academic pursuits.
  5. Cultural Awareness: ENG4U explores literature from different times and cultures, allowing students to develop an understanding and appreciation for diverse perspectives.

Assessments in ENG4U


Engagements in ENG4U are assessed through a variety of methods to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of students’ skills and knowledge. These assessments may include written assignments, quizzes, presentations, group discussions, and examinations. By employing a range of evaluation techniques, ENG4U encourages students to demonstrate their understanding and mastery of the course material. Team work evaluations consist of 70% and the final culminating task will weight 30% of the overall grade.


Evaluation Item Description
Unit 2: Important Issues Essay Students will select a topic and complete a final essay on said topic. Research will be required
Unit 3: Infographic Assignment Students will work and create an infographic on a selected literacy theory to inform others about the interesting facts on this literary theory
Unit 4: Unit Test Students will complete a Unit Test consisting of multiple choice, short answer and quotation analysis
Unit 4: Propaganda Assignment Students will create their own propaganda material for Animal Farm. They will demonstrate an understanding of propaganda and an understanding of characterization in Animal Farm by creating a propaganda material for one of the animals on the farm.
Unit 5: Text Messaging Assignment Students will create their own propaganda material for Animal Farm. They will demonstrate an understanding of propaganda and an understanding of characterization in Animal Farm by creating propaganda material for one of the animals on the farm.
Unit 5: Media Conversation Project As intelligent consumers and interpreters of media (text, audio, or visual), it is important for us to understand the conventions of these media sources to understand how meaning can be shaped and created by form and selection of content. You will take ideas/elements (e.g., content, theme, character, imagery, symbols/conflict, plot, etc.) from Shakespeare’s original script of Hamlet, and translate them into another medium.
Unit 6: Medicine Walk Presentation Assignment Students will give a presentation on an issue facing Indigenous peoples in Canada. They will need to find 3-5 news articles that represent Native issues, and state statistically why this is the case. They will also need to provide possible solutions to this issue
Unit 6: Unit Test Students will complete an open book novel test that comprises T/F, multiple choice, short answer, quotation analysis and long answer questions about the novel Medicine Walk
Independent Study
Students will select a text from a predetermined list and will complete the
required components of this independent study unit. Emphasis will be placed on developing an original and thought-provoking thesis statement. Integration of secondary research into the literary essay will also be important. Students will apply the lessons and numerous skills they have acquired throughout the course to this ongoing unit.
Final Exam An exam to cover the major units studied through this course. This will be 3 hours in length.



ENG4U offers students a rich and intellectually stimulating journey into the depths of English language and literature. Throughout the course, students will develop essential skills, including critical thinking, effective communication, literary analysis, research abilities, and cultural awareness. By embracing these skills, students will be well-prepared for future academic and professional endeavours. So, seize the opportunity to explore the diverse world of ENG4U English and unlock the power of words.

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