Who are Red Cross Training Partners?

Who are Red Cross Training Partners?

The Red Cross is a globally recognized organization known for its humanitarian efforts and commitment to providing aid during times of crisis. One of the key components of the Red Cross's mission is to ensure individuals and communities are prepared to handle emergencies through training programs. Red Cross training partners play a crucial role in helping to deliver these vital training programs to a wider audience.


Importance of Training Partnerships


Training partnerships are essential for the Red Cross to reach a larger number of people and communities with life-saving skills and knowledge. By collaborating with various organizations and businesses, the Red Cross can amplify its impact and deliver training programs efficiently and effectively.


Who Can Be Red Cross Training Partners?


Red Cross training partners can include a diverse range of organizations such as schools, universities, corporations, community centers, healthcare facilities, and government agencies. Any organization that is committed to promoting safety, health, and preparedness within their community can become a Red Cross training partner.


Pathways is a certified Red Cross training partner and we offer 4 CPR training courses! Standard Blended, Emergency CPC-C plus re-certification courses for Standard and Blended CPR courses. 


Benefits of Being a Red Cross Training Partner


Becoming a Red Cross training partner offers numerous benefits to organizations. By aligning with the Red Cross, partners gain access to high-quality training programs developed by experts in emergency preparedness and response. Partners also receive support and resources to help them deliver these programs successfully to their respective audiences.


Training Programs Available for Partners


Red Cross training partners have access to a wide range of training programs covering various topics such as first aid, CPR, disaster preparedness, water safety, and workplace safety. These programs are designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to respond effectively in emergency situations and potentially save lives.


How to Become a Red Cross Training Partner


Becoming a Red Cross training partner is a straightforward process. Organizations can reach out to their local Red Cross chapter to express their interest in partnering. The Red Cross will then provide information on the partnership opportunities available and guide organizations through the steps required to become a training partner.


Responsibilities of Red Cross Training Partners


As Red Cross training partners, organizations have a responsibility to uphold the standards and values of the organization. This includes delivering training programs according to Red Cross guidelines, maintaining the integrity of the Red Cross brand, and ensuring the quality and accuracy of the training provided to participants.




In conclusion, Red Cross training partners play a pivotal role in extending the reach and impact of the organization's training programs. By partnering with a diverse array of organizations, the Red Cross can ensure that more individuals are equipped with vital skills to respond to emergencies effectively. If your organization is passionate about promoting safety and preparedness, consider becoming a Red Cross training partner and make a difference in your community.


Pathways is a certified Red Cross training partner and we offer 4 CPR training courses! Standard BlendedEmergency CPC-C plus re-certification courses for Standard and Blended CPR courses. 

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