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Getting ready for post secondary

College Preparation

Prerequisite: Grade 10 English/Fundamental Math
Intake: Continuous
Timeline: Based on Assessment/ Individual Needs


Course Content

The objective of this program is to improve the participation and success rates of students who are planning to attend post-secondary institutions. This program is designed for students with little or no post-secondary experience. The program helps students gain confidence by developing college/university life skills in conjunction with academic qualifications.

Our certified teachers will support and facilitate relevant, student-centred learning activities that teach independent thinking, interpersonal skills and communication, group leadership skills, and opportunities for academic and work preparation. The emphasis on specific skills and the ordering of these skills is dependent on the students’ immediate post-secondary needs and goals. The program makes extensive use of computers. Learners do not need strong computer skills to enter the program, just the desire to improve their computer skills.

By illuminating the principles of self-directed learning, students will gain the planning, discipline, and execution skills required for academic success.

The length of time required to complete the program will depend on the student’s background, motivation, and goals.

The course content will include, but is not limited to:

  • Time management
  • Study strategies
  • Note taking
  • Essay and report writing skills
  • Test and exam taking tips
  • Learning style analysis