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Retail Sales Associate

Customer Service Vocabulary Building Workbook

Essential Skills WorkbookThis reproducible workbook is an important teaching tool for those learning English as a second language as well as anyone who wants to pursue a career in customer service.

By building your customer service vocabulary, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop the vocabulary and vocational skills you need to become successful
  • Improve your reading and oral communication skills
  • Enhance your thinking and problem solving skills
  • Boost your spelling and phonics skills

The workbooks ninety-two exercises will help you build work-specific skills and job related vocabulary. Master your understanding of almost three hundred words with easy-to-follow exercises such as reading comprehension, applying the meaning, filling in the blanks and more.

You’ll also find fun activities such as word searches, crosswords and analogies. In addition to learning a robust customer service vocabulary, you’ll also apply synonyms and antonyms that will help you in a customer service environment.

Get your career on the fast track or, if you are a teacher, find an important resource so your students can learn the skills that matter most with Essential Skills: Customer Service Vocabulary Building Workbook.


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