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Red Cross First Aid and CPR training

What Participants Are Saying

"Great instructor!  5/5 Stars" - Shaimaa, April 2019


"I would like to thank Stephen for his enthusiastic approach to the First Aid course. He was animated and enjoyable. Stephen was also amazingly patient and helpful.  Thank you so much for all of the assistance!! 5/5 Stars" - Sabrina, April 2019


"Even though we were all strangers he made it not awkward. I oddly enjoyed the day! 5/5 Stars" - Vanessa, April 2019


"Stephen made the course fun and enjoyable with lots of practical situations. A great course and I will definitely recommend and take this course each time I re-certify. 5/5 Stars" - Seandel, April 2019


"The information was very useful and easy to follow.  Thank you!" - Olga, April 2019


"Stephen is a wonderful instructor who teaches effectively but adds in just the right amount of fun and personal experience to keep it interesting and engaging.  5/5 Stars" - Erika, March 2019


"Stephen is a fantastic teacher. I was fortunate to take the course with only one other woman and Stephen provided us with ample opportunity to learn, ask questions, and apply the techniques until we felt comfortable. I had a great time! 5/5 Stars" - Macaila, March 2019


"Great course!  I learned everything I need to know in an efficient and fun atmosphere!  5/5 Stars" - Liza, March 2019


"Double thumbs up!  4/5 Stars" - Jasmine, March 2019


Pathways was a great place for me to complete this and had an amazing instructor.  5/5 Stars” – Jess, March 2019


“Well done.  Very effective & practical.  5/5 Stars” – Kevin, March 2019


"That class was overall very informative and fun! The instructor, Stephen, was extremely friendly and kind. He made the long class bearable. 100% would recommend. 5/5 stars." - Noorhan, January 2019


"Stephen was a very good instructor. 5/5" - Cody, January 2019


"5/5 Stars" - Shawna, April 2019


"5/5 Stars" - Kirill, April 2019


“5/5 Stars” – Teagan, March 2019


“5/5 Stars” – Taylor, March 2019


“4/5 Stars” – Sarah, March 2019


“5/5 Stars” – Erin, February 2019


“5/5 Stars” – Janet, February 2019