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GED Certificate

GED Preparation

Prerequisite: Grade 10/Fundamental Math
Schedule: A.M./P.M. Depending on Capacity
Intake: Continuous
Homework: 3+ Hours Per Day (depending on number of class hours)
Timeline: Based on Assessment

Course Content:


What is the GED Certificate?

  • GED stands for General Education Development
  • The GED is a high school equivalency credential for adults
  • The certificate is obtained by passing an exam set by the Ministry of Education
  • GED certificates are signed by the Deputy Minister of Education


What will GED candidates learn?

  • Study social studies and science
  • Develop intermediate reading, writing, and mathematics skills
  • Develop test-taking strategies


How is the GED Certificate used?

  • To demonstrate secondary school equivalence
  • To apply for employment
  • To apply for advanced academic or vocational training programs


Who's is Eligible?

  • Must be 18 years old
  • Must be out of high school for one year
  • Must not have a high school diploma
  • Must be a resident of Ontario
  • To learn more about the GED go to the ILC Website: