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Pathways' Tutors

Tutor With Student
All of the tutors at Pathways are patient and caring instructors who are passionate about teaching.  They will work in collaboration with parents and students to develop customized learning programs designed specifically to meet the needs of each learner.

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Just One Hour A Week Can Lead To Better Grades

At Pathways, our tutors will:

  • help students improve and advance their grades by developing a personalized learning plan
  • guide and support students toward independent learning
  • introduce time management, study skills and other strategies for learning so that students will go to class equipped with the tools they need to succeed
  • help to instill confidence and a belief in their ability

We provide tutoring in all subject areas including:

* English    
* French     
* Math  
* Science  




How To Get In Touch With Us

By Phone: 519-772-1477

By Email:

Drop By: 15-248 Stirling Ave S, Kitchener

Office Hours: Monday to Friday - 9AM to 3PM

Tutoring Hours: Tuesday & Thursday - 4PM to 8PM