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GED Preparation & Testing

GED® is for you if you want to:

Many colleges of applied arts and technology and universities accept satisfactory GED® scores as one factor in their assessment for admission as a mature student. However, the Ministry of Education cannot guarantee that the certificate will be accepted by employers, post-secondary institutions or trainers in every instance.

What is the GED?

What’s on the Test?

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What to bring on Test Day

When you come to write your tests, you must bring any one of following forms of identification to complete your registration:

GED Calculator Policy:

All GED tests have an onscreen TI-30XS calculator.

Depending on the exam and the test center location, specific calculator models are sometimes permitted. In these situations, the candidate can bring a personal calculator or request a test center calculator (if the exact model is available).

The Casio fx-260 and TI-30XS models are the only approved handheld calculators in Canada.

Standard Passing Score:

You are required to score 450 on each test subject in order to pass and earn your GED® credential in Canada.

Test Retake Policies

If I don’t pass, how long do I have to wait before taking the test again?